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Amanda Tapping is a hot momma already, born in 1965 she is not the youngestanymore. But she has her share of sexy and nude scenes in movies and TV shows. Not so many as others probably because of her being born in an English religious family. Anyway even showing one boobie made her a rebel amongst her people. Hermost famous nude scene was the one in the movie Stuck from 2002. Some lame people might say that i'm a liar, that her bestnude scene was something else. They would say her appearence in The Void(2001) was much better. The below pic is from that movie.

But guess what ! In this movie she was replaced by a body double for all nude scenes. SOmeone might not care because that double is hot. But i say that that scene can be marked as mostly being sexy. You can imagine that it's the real Amanda Tapping nude there, unfortunately it's not. Some might be stisfied with her sexy non-nude appearences on TV shows Sanctuary or Stargate Atlantis/SG1. Sexy is better than nothing so be my guest.

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